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Solminter is a layer zero solution, sitting at the foundation of the SPL ecosystem
At the foundation of Solana adoption
Solminter will launch with several key ecosystem components, allowing chain migration, incubation and adoption to rising SPL projects
ETH Portal

Solminters portal allows existing ERC token owners to port over their token (and hence project) to SPL.

The Solana blockchain ecosystem is attractive to many existing ERC based projects. Many ERC based projects have discovered the limitations of Ethereum are hampering their growth.

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We all have great ideas, however development can sometimes be costly and a make or break factor for any project. Solminter provides all the keys and necessary tools to bring your idea to life.

With our easy-to-use platform, project founders can choose between numerous functions to seamlessly deploy new SPL token contracts to the Solana blockchain.

Simple Vesting

Solminter will provide a simple way to ensure vesting period are respected.

Teams can now create buckets of time-locked tokens intended for distribution over a selected period of time, preventing large holders from dumping their tokens during the project's incubation period. Vesting helps create trust between projects and investors.

Token Templates

Solminter will launch with a list of SPL token functionalities. Simply pick what you want your SPL token to do and deploy it on-chain. Functionalities will evolve over-time and developers will be able to submit audited functions.

Auto Liquidity

A key part of SPL token deployment is the liquidity provided upon pair listing. Solminter allows founders and communities to choose their liquidity upon launch, bringing transparency and reassurance to potential investors.

Simple UI
Deploy your SPL token in a few simple steps

We’ve laid out all the steps to successfully deploy your SPL token.

Founders can pick from a hollistic amount of parameters and functions to ceate the SPL token that will take their project to the next step. Founders will be able to visualise and verify details such as metrics, supply, liquidity, vesting and distribution. All token functions are pre-audited.

Bring your ideas to Solana
A new dawn of SPL token creation
Open roles: Partnerships, Rust Engineer, Social Media Manager
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